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So here it is the official Billy West podcast site. This will be the repository for all things Billy West podcast, and some other stuff too.


After many requests for Billy to do a podcast, and after much psychic pressure, he finally capitulated.


The Billy West Podcast will be a forum to not only house the podcast, but more importantly a place to listen and visit with all the personalities roaming the mindscape  in Billy West’s cranial structure.


You’ll hear call-in segments with  guests like Jai Raj the world’s foremost inspirational consultant. Jai Raj is known internationally for his insight into all things meaningful. He will help some of our call-in listeners to navigate the difficult straits of life before death, and other incidental businesses.

We’ll have reoccurring segments like: “The Detroit Home Companion“, hosted by Lumpy Keyliod and his in house band, Floyd Smoot and the All Day Hangovers. The Detroit Home Companion is a folksy homage to yesteryear’s old timey audio application called the radio, where amongst other things you will follow the serial podcast audio play: “Billy Bastard – Amateur Human Being“, starring Billy Bastard and Miguel.  A story of redemption, bad guys in jump suits, and a genetically modified 200 ton cow.

And there will be other segments like “Song Demolition”, where Billy will utilize his accomplished musical skills and knowledge in taking an analytical approach to popular music. Listen as he delves deep into  pop and rock song lyrics from the not so recent past, and further.
So listen to these and other characters and segments to come, as Billy West and special guest star Jim Gomez  navigate the mind fields of the Billy West Podcast and beyond.

70 thoughts on “Billy West Podcast”

  1. I am LOVING this podcast. It’s brilliant and I snort out whatever liquid I’m drinking at the time I’m listening. (Sometimes it’s just blood!)

    I am wondering/hoping/dreaming if/when you guys might open the “Call-In” segment?

    1. Using the podcast as an expectorant is well appreciated, thank you.

      Management informs me that the podcast will indeed be implementing the “call-in segment”, and will update with any and all developments regarding this concern asap.

      Thank you for your listenership and patience.
      The Management

  2. I really like the Billy Bastard segments on this podcast. Too bad it never turned into a TV show like it was supposed to.

    I got to meet you (Billy, that is) very briefly and hear you speak at Colossal Con in Ohio a few years ago. It was super fun!! I’m a big fan, especially Futurama 🙂

    1. Thank you! Never say never.

      Great meeting you too (don’t remember you but I’m sure it was great).
      Thanks! it’s a lot of fun for me too.
      And many thanks for your support!

  3. I just DEVOURED all four episodes at once, and was quite alarmed to find there weren’t any more to listen to. It’s been three weeks! THREE OF THEM! When’s the next one coming up? There will be more, yes?
    By the way, best theme song ever. Especially when you’re singing over it. Stop not singing over it!

    1. Thank you for your binge listenership.
      Yes more are coming soon, but please realize that these podcasts are like fine cheese in that they take time to fully ripen.
      More are in the works and as of now we are scheduled to put 3-4 up a month (possibly more).
      Thanks for you patience, and for your attention to this part of the internet.
      The Management.

  4. Billy West, what a stupid, phony, made-up name.
    Seriously though, I love the podcast and everything else you’ve done (that I’ve been able to find). You are one of the main reasons that I’ve been trying to get into voiceover work. (Don’t worry, I’m not quitting my day job.)
    Stay beautiful!

  5. Billy West you’re one of the all time greats in voice acting. It was such an honor interviewing you for my high school back in 2009 .

    PS did you voice Raggey Angelo on Johnny Bravo?

  6. Billy, I have been a fan of yours ever since I was a small child. From the first moments I first watched Ren & Stimpy, Doug and my all time favourite show, Futurama.
    Your podcasts too are awsome and I look forward to hearing many more in the Future!

    I’d also like to share this with you as an avid fan of yours and Futurama! This is something I drew way back in 2013:

  7. Hello. I am a huge fan of your work. You have been a huge part of my childhood and adulthood. As much as I relate to Fry, I accept that my spirit animal is Zoidberg, and that’s great too. Keep doing what you are doing, this podcast is great, and I hope your work follows me into my old age.

  8. What was your childhood like? I’m asking because I have a 9 yr old that makes funny voices and sounds all day long.
    At school
    On the way to the office
    In the office
    While dressing
    Riding in the car
    Sitting on toilet
    Playing video games
    To the neighbors, who give him dirty looks
    The list goes on and on.
    On the playground, (he has a following.)
    How did your parents handle your Voices while you were growing up?

  9. Mr. West you are comedic genius. All six of the episodes thus far have had a moment where I laugh so hard I cry. Please keep up the great work. I’d rather you on this project than anything because you can go in any direction you want and it’s wonderful!!!

    Podcaaaaaaast podcast!

  10. Hey Billy, great podcast! I found out about it when you and I talked in Kelowna this last weekend (I was the nervous guy with the Ren and Stimpy CD).

    Great show, just wanted to mention your twitter button on the site is broken, has two links in it instead of one.

    Keep up the great work, thank you for all of your great life advice!

  11. I am a long time fan from the WBCN days, you and Sandman. “Dick McGiver” Toll taker for the turnpike Authority, etc.
    Keep up the good work!

  12. Billy you bastard why didn’t you tell me you were podcasting now?! What a treat to find this, albeit late! Have listened to your Nerdist interview with John D about 5 times now and it still cracks me up. So glad you have started your own. I don’t want you to get too big headed but for me you are the natural successor to the late great Mel Blanc. And that’s saying something!
    Thanks for everything from the UK

  13. The Oblongs. Doug. And The 7D Is My Favorite Cartoons. Congratulations Billy On Doing Voice Overs With Leigh Allyn Baker. Jess Harnell. Cree Summer.Kelly Osbrone. Bill Farmer. Tara Strong. Michelle Ruff. And The Rest Of Your Voice Over Friends. You Must Also Know Tress MacNeille. Rob Paulsen. Alicyn Packard. Kevin Michael Richardson.Susan Egan. And Debi Derryberry Too. Hope That You Had A Great MLK Day On Monday Plus It’s National Popcorn Day My Favorite Day To Celebrate And Eat Popcorn. I Wrote And Mailed Tara Strong Two Fan Mail Letters To Her Fan Mail Address In 2012 And In December 2014. So I Got Fan Mail Replies Back From Tara Strong In The Mail In 2014. And On 12/23/2015. She Is Super Nice To All Her Fans And I’M Proud That She Is One Of Your Friends. Good Luck Voicing More Cartoon Characters And I Can’t Wait To Watch Season 2 Of The 7D On Disney XD On 01/23/2016. Hope That You Tweeted Jess Harnell A Happy Birthday On 12/23/2015.

  14. Hello Billy You Forgot To Tweet Phil Lamarr A Happy Birthday On 01/24/2016. You Must Also Know Chuck Duran Butch Hartman And Lori Alan Too. I See All The Great Tweets About Your Podcast. Much Love To A Job Well Done. Take Care And Happy Monday To YA.

  15. Hey Billy, long time no-see.
    I tried to hook up with you last time I was in San Diego, but I guess you were too busy.
    I’m producing my first episode of “The Reefer Madness Show” this week.
    It’s a Nationally Distributed Public Access TV series revolving around Medicinal & Recreational Marijuana, the tremendous health benefits involved, and efforts to end the senseless prohibition.
    I hope all is well in your world, and I hope to see you again sometime in the futurama and reminisce about the good old days.
    Sincerely, your old ex-partner,
    Mike Callahan
    Executive Producer
    The Reefer Madness Show

  16. Billy the man with the golden voice West, I love listening to your thoughts on the podcast . I wish you an even longer and successful career , more than you already have. Your the man.!

  17. West is also a guitarist and singer-songwriter with a band called Billy West and The Grief Counselors . They have released their first album,

  18. You Got To Do A Podcast Next With April Winchell Troy Baker Jim Cummings. I See That You Also Done Voice Overs With Janet Waldo In A Video Game. You Might Of Read The Sad News This Afternoon About Janet Waldo On The Voice Chasers Website. You Got To Watch This New Animated Comedy Series Called The Loud House On Nickelodeon Monday-Friday At 5:00 Pm Nika Futterman Grey DeLisle Jessica DiCicco Lara Jill Miller Catherine Taber Liliana Mumy And Cristina Pucelli Voices Characters In This New Cartoon. Hoping To See You Guest Star On The Loud House And Voice An Upcoming Character Soon. You Got True Voice Over Talent. MR West

  19. Lovin’ the podcast! I have one question. What is the theme song? I can guess it’s call “Speedway”, but whenever I Googlize it on the interwebs, I only come up with an Elvis version that just ain’t it.

    1. Nah buddy it’s the opening to the old Thunderbirdsesque show ‘Stingray’. Hopefully this is still not known to you over a month later 🙂

  20. I Love your podcasts. Looking forward to the next one. Thank you for all your hard work and tireless voices….and keep on Zapping Trump #MakeAmericaBrannigan 😀

  21. Dear Management,
    Give that guy Billy a raise. He’s a uniquely talented comedy genius with voice characterizations, timing and bodily sounds!
    If he needs me to build him a free website, I’ll gladly donate (3PO).
    Humor on Dude!

  22. Heard Billy on the Nerdist and had to check out the show. Really enjoying it! I have a question about the music. What is the end theme? I really dig it. I went over to itunes and downloaded “Stingray”, but when I sing a long with it, I sing “Podcast, podcast”. Please keep up the good work!

  23. Billy – et al,
    If you are not already familiar with it, I would like to recommend the work of Chris Ware (writer, cartoonist) specifically his Jimmy Corrigan “Worlds Smartest Boy” series– I think you’d would love it. I am a big fan going back to the Stern days. Onward and Upward!


  24. Absolutely love the podcast. Love the format, reminds me of the old time radio shows you would hear. Please keep it up 🙂

  25. If anyone has the power and leverage to bring Futurama back, that would be you, Billy.
    I, for one, would not hesitate to buy any direct-to-media episodes, or to contribute to a crowdfunding effort.

    In any case, thanks a Billion for many hours of quality entertainment and for sharing your amazing talent with us.

    Many voice actors can only do “similar” voices. I am astounded of your range. When I heard Zapp for the first time, I immediately recognized Phil Hartmann.

    Thank you!

    1. FYI, in the Nerdist podcast “Billy West #3” Chris Hardwick asked Billy if he would be interested in doing a classic radio-show style thing in the Futurama universe. Chris even offered to produce it, well, he was almost pleading to lol. I wonder if he ever asked Matt Groening… Actually I wonder if he got an answer yet.

  26. Dear Billy,
    I’ve meet you several times in the 80’s when you were at BCN. In fact, I still listen to you regularly as most of my 1980’s cassettes are now digital. I am also a huge futurama fan and fall asleep to episodes almost every night.
    I know some of those early years are still a bit painful to recollect, but you’ve grown so much and these podcasts are great.
    I’m not sure just how much of your early BCN material is available to you. If you would like a trip down memory lane, feel free to find me.

  27. I loved your Richie Reardon segments on the Big Mattress,back in the day. Congrats on your success, since leaving WBCN. Just found this site. Will be listening to the past and future podcasts.

  28. Dearest Podcastorians,

    In the event that I slip into a coma, I wanted to inform you of my deep appreciation for this podcast. Most days I drool about a half a cup of spittle but when I listen to the Billy West Podcast, I drool at least 2 cups. I have begun to collect and name this spittle, The Billy West Podcast Spittle Collection or BWPSC for short. These samples are collected and saved for posterity purposes, mainly due to the memories they hold. The BWPSC shelf has nine jars so far (one per episode) but I hope to have to hang more shelves in the future.

    Aurally yours,


  29. Hey Billy! I’ve been an audial follower of yours for 20+ years yada yada.. Did you voice the 3 stooges henchmen of the faux jokers’ in that Batman Beyond movie? It’s been driving me nuts worse than a steering wheel for a belt buckle! What you said in the latest Nerdist podcast you were on about “not sure if I want to know how I do it” in reference to the childlike belief and how, if someone told you it wasn’t possible, it would remove it from your ability to *do*… That WAS my last private thought that no one has ever voiced that I heard, until you did, thanks for taking and then giving me something because of that. I love your podcast, go nuts with it! I will be linking to this site at reddit once I figure out a relevant subreddit it could go.

    Serious question, you invest a lot of thought into language, sound and psychedelic thought, have you heard of Terence Mckenna? If so, I would love to know what(and ALL) your thoughts are that you don’t get to talk about! You and Terence have a lot in common in my opinion. Anyway, don’t let your meatloaf!

    1. Wow, you are SOO cool!.. I’ll bet you’re a real smart guy to think all that interesting stuff! Billy will personally read your comment, he’ll show Jim and they’ll both at have a good laugh aboot it. You should continue living a long and successful life.

  30. Loved this podcast, thank you much Mr. West &management. I hope to hear so much more from your brilliant brain! Still watching/listening to the archives of all things Billy West, much to discover and rediscover^.^

  31. Hi Billy!

    A friend and I have a bet regarding a question only you can answer. In the Futurama episode Love’s Labour’s Lost in Space, Zapp Brannigan announces his conquest of Leela to Kif with instructions to inform the men. Did you say “I’ve made it with a woman” or “I’ve mated with a woman”. The net is split. Please help! Vast fortunes and the lives of many are at stake.

    Thank you!

  32. Happy Belated Birthday To You On 04.15.2019 How Kind Of Grey DeLisle Griffin To Wish You Happy Birthday. Hopefully Your Show Is Renew For Season 2 So Here’s To You Celebrating Your Next Birthday On 04.15.2020. Hmm Maybe Debi Derry Berry Carlos Alazraqui Tara Strong Will Wish You Happy Belated Birthday Today Or This Friday. Futurama Got To Be Renewed For More Seasons Your Character Philip J Fry Along With Katie Siegal Plus John DiMaggio Plus Lauren Tom Is My Favorites. My Birthday Is Also In April As Well 04.09.1983 Take Care.

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