10 thoughts on “Podcast #008”

  1. Maurice LaMarche said in this episode, “Futurama is canceled. It’s not going to get uncanceled.” I really hope this wasn’t an official confirmation. NOOOOO!

  2. “You mean it’s not as big as the moon? It was faked?! That fucking Lucas lied to us!” not sure why that had me laughing so hard, but it got me good. Wonderful podcast Mr. West.

  3. Hey Billy, I’m still Mr. Grim on twitter, but changed @ from Grimcrotch to 12thBattalion for my short fiction. No focking kiddingk! PS *Taps foot looking at imaginary watch waiting for #9

  4. Nerdist podcast brought me here. Please make more! They are hilarious. I love the old timey radio plays (Billy Bastard is awesome)!

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