6 thoughts on “podcast #006”

  1. I knew Jai Raj was building up to a sadistic outburst and it was epic. I’m glad Billy wasn’t there to be the target… better it was his side kick (phew). Two questions:
    1. Are you done demolishing dopey song lyrics? PLEASE don’t listen to people who are complaining about their beloved Billy Joel song or whatever. That was good stuff! (I’m just guessing that could have been an issue).
    2. Have you chosen your winners for the contest? I entered and am waiting like a little kid for a t-shirt or SOMETHING

  2. Keep Billy West off of the Billy West Podcast! Jai Raj’s superior hosting powers can no longer be denied. I especially enjoyed when he did the piledriver on that fool Jim Gomez.

  3. I heard you this morning on 94 rock in Albuquerque and just heard all your podcasts.. It’s awesome to hear you in your natural element again. This is some good stuff. Keep them coming. Will Larry Fine ever visit the show???

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