Podcast #004

Oh yeah, number 4!

First up,  some music archeology on Song Demolition.  We sonically dig into a phonetical singing technique, pioneered by some Swedish replacement singer who sang with the Hollies for brief time in the 70’s.

And on the Detroit Home Companion hosted by Harrison Seizure we hear another installment of the podcast play, “Billy Bastard Amateur Human Being”. In this episode “Pesto is for Closers” things get a little messy in Guadalajara Mexico as bad guy Madame Vice President unveils her master plan, and works on her golf game.

Meanwhile a visit from the World’s foremost consultant and expert on all things inspirational: Jai Raj announces a possible career change, because it’s just that easy.

Couple of other things also come up; Billy’s drone story, and an impromptu intervention when our boss shows up unannounced and un-sober.

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