Podcast #003

Hey here it is Billy West podcast #3!

Listen in as we get a surprise visit from the boss’s dad, and we share in some heartwarming father/son bonding.

And we see a more sensitive side. of renowned inspirational speaker Jai Raj the world’s foremost authoritarian on everything.

Also on the Detroit Home Companion we have the 3rd installment of “Billy Bastard Amateur Human Being”: “White House Party” CIA operative Billy Bastard goes undercover as the official White house head chef.  With the help of  some  unintentional secret spaghetti sauce, plan “Bongs away” isn’t so successful. That’s okay though because the General has one more plan for Billy to get it right.

Then of course we have  Song Demolition: This time we go all the way back to some early prehistoric music stylings with the euphemistically “Lightning Strikes”, made famous by old-timey crooner Lou Christie.



8 thoughts on “Podcast #003”

  1. the guitar solo on Lightnin’ Strikes by Lou Christie was played by Ralph Casale. I’m not aware of any of his other credits, but that guitar solo is one of the greatest ever recorded. Vinnie Bell is the other guitar player on the record (he played the electric guitar part of Sound of Silence, among other notable things that he did).

    1. I appreciate the input and knowledge too but not the opinion that the guitar solo was “one of the greatest ever recorded”….. How did this guitar God go unnoticed by and not hailed as an inspiration at the very least by Hendrix, Page, Santana etc.?
      Did lightening strike yo head?

  2. I think “Lightening Striking Again” was 1960’s code word for herpes outbreak again…. pretty sure his “baby” got that before she made it to the chapel 🙂 All in good fun of course. Keep it coming PLEASE.

  3. Like many of the previous comments, I’ve enjoyed your work on many programs over the years. One special surprise was to find that you voiced one of the Stooges on a Xmas cassette
    compiled by Ed Gorodetsky some years back. Very Funny.
    I just learned of your podcasts in an article in my local paper. I look forward to whatever you and Ed decide to put out there.
    PS- Is there any significance to the picture of Walter Tetley and Harold Perry (I don’t recognize the actress) from The Great Guildersleeve? I’m a long time OTR fan.

  4. I Love the nod to OTR. I have been a fan of Voice actors my while life and Gildersleeve is one of my favorite Characters

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