Podcast #002

Here it is, podcast #2.

Okay to further your listenership we have the second installment of the “Detroit Home Companion”, featuring Billy Bastard – Amateur Human Being!

In this episode “The Great Wall of America”, Billy first finds un-gainful employment with a construction company called the Minute Men.  His new job takes him to what turns out to be the wrong side of the Mexican American border. Billy quickly and unceremoniously, quits his job to a 3 gun salute, aimed right him. Later Mr. Bastard  finds his way to a job recruitment center at Guantanamo bay, where with his credentials finds work as a CIA operative.  Meanwhile, Billy’s Mom’s pet parrot Gus, is busy googling in a concerned effort to find out what is causing the severe weather around the world?

And, we are offering up the return of Song Demolition where we try to decipher the subtext in the classic Billy Joel song, “Piano Man”.

Also we have an unscheduled emergency visit from our boss the littlest CEO, who is fraught with some serious tooth ache pain. Good thing he came to us for help.

And our recurring guest Jai Raj the worlds greatest inspirational consultant drives all the way from his home town to take some calls on the podcast.




One thought on “Podcast #002”

  1. Tremendous! I recently heard you do Everett Sloan doing Mr. ER stein on Gilbert Gottfried’s podcast. A great spot-on imitation, just uniquely fantastic. I love you George Jessel-like characters. Many years ago I worked part-time at the Reseda Post Office in 1969 delivering Registered mail. On several casinos I delivered Regisyered mail to Jessel, who must have fallen on hard times as he was living in a 1200 sq ft house in Reseda – probably rented. He always signed for the mail wearing a swanky colorful smoking jacket. He had a old black man servant who answered his door. Sad, really since I guess he blew most of his dough.

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