Podcast #001

And now here it is : Billy West podcast #1

Billy West and his special guest Jim Gomez launch the podcast with the world’s foremost expert on all things inspirational;  Jai Raj (all the way from India). He’ll be taking calls from people who need uplifting answers and insight to all their pressing questions, concerns and other stuff.

Also we have the first installment of Detroit Home Companion presented by your host Lumpy Keloid. He and Floyd Smoot along with the “All day hangovers”, will provide the entree for the first chapter of the podcast play:  “Billy Bastard – Amateur Human“, starring Billy Bastard and co-starring his Mom, Gus the parrot and Miguel his best friend.

In this pilot episode “The Ultimatum” We find out Billy has pawned his Mom’s oxygen tank one too many times, resulting in a Mom edict: Get a job before the day is over, or don’t come back! Billy sobers up and promises to get back her oxygen tank, asap.

Plus, we have the the segment, “Song Demolition“; a closer examination of past popular songs and their lyrics. In this volume we turn over Foreigner’s “Cold as Ice”, and take a look.

And we have a visit from our boss, the Littlest CEO too.

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  1. Submitted this to Nobex today, and it was approved! Blackberry users now have easy access to the Billy West Podcast! I just checked and episodes 1-9 come up in the subscription list.

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